The Insurance Act – What it means for you?

Posted on Wednesday 3rd August, 2016 by

0878-0616 Insurance Act briefing – Interactive

The Insurance Act 2015 comes into effect on 12th August 2016. This is the largest overhaul of insurance law since The Marine Insurance Act 1906 and means that you will have a duty to make a fair representation of the information given to any third party in order to arrange your insurances. The new Act seeks to bring insurance contracts more into line with modern business practices, with the objective of more fairly clarifying the duties of insured’s and the consequences of failing to meet them.


Bluefin have prepared a briefing to provide some guidance on what this means for you and how you can be prepared for your insurance renewal.


We will be happy to discuss the new Act in more detail with you should you wish – please contact Cally McBride on 01622 250115 / 07834 843932 –


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