Savings and Switching in the New Water Market

Posted on Wednesday 20th December, 2017 by

Water deregulation provides a fantastic opportunity for 1.2 million businesses in England to trim their overheads and save around 10% or more on their water bills. Utilitywise estimate savings of over £200m are available on a national scale.

Utilitywise would like Ofwat to be empowered by DEFRA to make the necessary changes that the water market needs.

What policies do we want from the government?

  • Enforced standardised and simplified pricing that is published in the public domain, giving businesses the chance to easily compare like-for-like water contracts and ensure all retailers are making prices available to out of region customers
  • Ensure that customers receive clear offers and tariffs from retailers no matter their location, by standardising the use of customer data held in MOSL, the central customer database used by the industry
  • Improved levels of understanding amongst businesses, encouraging them to review their current water contracts, and how to assess different options available
  • A review and assessment of the Scottish Water market conditions, to deliver comparable margins available to retailers to make competition come to life

For more information on water deregulation and potential savings, visit the Utilitywise website

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