Translation Services

The Chamber has Members who specialise in translation services and with whom we have agreed a referral service.

Language Link UK provides translation for all industrial sectors, Legal, Insurance, Financial, Technical and Medical using specialised translators. A critical factor for many companies, who require translation services, is security of information. With Language Link UK you can rest assured that our translators take the security of file transference and the management of documentation to the highest level –

Burravoe Translations. We translate to and from all the major languages and use highly qualified translators who work in their mother tongue in specialist language fields. Translators will only ever work in their native language to ensure the nuance, rhythm and meaning of the full original text, and once selected, a dedicated team remains with each client to maintain consistency in tone and style –

Merlin Translations. Since it was established five years ago, Merlin Translation Services has grown to be one of the UK’s leading translation agencies. Drawing upon a wide network of skilled translators from many different parts of the world, Merlin Translation Services is able to provide native speakers for much of its translation work –