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Ron Roser - Langton Business Services

Ron Roser – Langton Business Services

Muesli Mafia Cereal Networking

“The Meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances. If there is any reaction, both are transformed.”
Carl Gustav Jung, The Aims of Muesli Mafia

To provide an informal business 2 business networking breakfast in a congenial and relaxed atmosphere where local business people can get together, enjoy mutual fellowship, share their good news, views and discuss topics of mutual interest. Guests are from all types of B2B businesses.


Meetings will be held at specially selected venues, on a bi-monthly basis, arriving at 7.30am with a 9.30am finish. A full English breakfast (or Muesli alternative) is provided.

John Sayer - JAZ Marketing

John Sayer – JAZ Marketing


7.30am – Arrive and informal networking
8.00am – Full English breakfast (or muesli alternative)
8.30am – Guest Speaker presentation
9.10am – Informal networking
9.30am – Close

“I just wanted to thank you for organising a  great  event yesterday morning at the Great Danes.  It was my first event of this kind, and I thought it was terrific.  I had some fascinating conversations  –  some probably more practically- useful than others –  but in any event it was a tremendous introduction to the networking/muesli-mafia scene. I am sure there is a lot of organisation behind the scenes to make these events happen so smoothly.” 
Rosie Kefford, The Marketing Bureau

“It was lovely to meet you yesterday and thank you for organising such a great event. I thought Alex Probyn (Blends For Friends) was absolutely fantastic. Looking forward to the next time I can come to Muesli Mafia – most likely your networking breakfast in Tunbridge Wells.”
Tom Beaumont, Head of Business Development, Invest & Fund

“Thank you so much for another lovely breakfast this morning – I really enjoyed Hilary’s talk (Hilary Steel).”
Liz Newell, Business Development Manager, Holiday Inn Ashford North